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Ornamental Pond Fish, Inc. provides koi and goldfish in a variety of sizes and grades.  We offer fish ranging from standard grade fish that provide nice colors in a pond to show quality fish for the koi or goldfish enthusiast. During the warmer months, we have available plecostomus catfish (algae eaters) to help control attached algae in your pond. We also provide some equipment for the do-it-yourself pond builder, such as bead filters, pumps, and ultraviolet lights.


We are open most Saturdays from about 9:00 am to 12:00 pm for retail sales, or by appointment at other times.  Please call first before stopping by.  We are located just outside of Port Allen, Louisiana and only minutes from downtown Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Click here for directions.


Contact us at 225-343-4002 or email Mike for more information.





Mike Christensen, Manager



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